Add a second touchscreen to any device, even a phone, with the $290 Desklab

Portable monitor

As far as productivity goes, two screens are better than one. But that’s not always an option, especially not with mobile devices. This is why we’re highlighting the Desklab Portable Touchscreen Monitor. It’ll give your devices way more functionality, and since it’s on sale for 58 percent off right now, it’s pretty affordable

The Desklab is a portable 4K monitor that weighs just 1.3lbs and packs easily, so it’ll go anywhere you go. Connect the Desklab to your device and get to work when you need extra real estate on your desktop. It’s plug-and-play, so you won’t waste time setting it up, and it features universal compatibility, so it’ll work with any laptop, computer, phone, or tablet.

It’s an ideal solution for students, freelancers, or anyone else who wants to add an extra dose of functionality to their devices. And right now, it’s affordable too. You can get the 4K version of the Desklab Touchscreen Monitor today for only $289.99, saving over $400 off the regular price.