30 Best Marketing Blogs to Follow in 2022 (Expert Picks)

In the ever fast-paced and constantly-changing marketing industry, you can be snowed under staying up to date with the latest trends while running your campaigns and operations every day.

If you’re one of these marketers and small business owners struggling to keep up with the marketing world, education is your best action. And we don’t mean you have to pour over reading a book.

All you need is to set aside a fraction of your time reading marketing blogs with the articles relevant to your needs like digital marketing, content marketing, social media marketing, SEO, among others.

Best Marketing Blogs for Digital Marketing


Established in 1999, Econsultancy has been one of the leading independent organizations providing essential resources for thought leadership and digital transformation.

They’ve also created the best marketing blog posts about digital marketing, outbound, and inbound marketing like industry statistics, case studies, business forecasts, key opinion leaders’ interviews, and marketing automation tips.


Digiday connects with its vast audience across the web by creating blog posts, research materials, special podcasts, and email newsletters. It covers a wide array of digital marketing topics such as programmatic advertising, online marketing, video marketing, and more blog post topics.


Another go-to industry favorite blog among digital marketers and CMOs, eMarketer mainly tackles independent analyses regarding internet marketing, digital marketing, ecommerce, and online business, in general. Every single day they publish posts like forecasts and reports about the changing online consumer behaviors.

Neil Patel Blog

Considered one of the United Nations’ 100 top 100 entrepreneurs under the age of 35, Neil Patel is also a prolific blogger. His blog earns more than 2.3 million visitors monthly discussing a variety of blog topics like how to optimize landing pages and execute conversion optimization. The blog of Neil Patel is straightforward and relates to both newbie and seasoned marketers.

HubSpot Blog

Brian Halligan, the founder of Hubspot, is best known for coining the phrase inbound marketing in 2005. Today, Hubspot is one of the best digital marketing blogs that specializes in customer relationship management and marketing automation.

You’ll also read blog posts on landing pages personalization, video marketing, inbound sales, and content marketing. Hubspot also creates posts on integrations for marketing, sales, content management, and customer service.

Best Marketing Blogs for Content Marketing

Content Marketing Institute

The Content Marketing Institute, formerly known as Junta42, aims to advance the practice of content marketing. With the aim of advancing the practice of content marketing, the Content Marketing Institute helps businesses navigate how to get started or improve their content marketing efforts, through blog posts, original research, stats, and case studies.

This blog has content marketing resources on original research, statistics, case studies, how-to articles, and more content creation blog posts.

Rock Content Blog

With more than 8 million monthly website visits around the world, Rock Content is part of ScribbleLive, a North American technology company, has a blog that helps you write relevant and timely content for your target audience.

From blog posts regarding customer acquisition, conversion rate optimization, and up to customer retention strategies, this blog is right up the alley of any content marketer.

The Contest Strategist by Contently

Contently, another industry-leading content marketing platform, has a flagship blog called The Content Strategist. Marketers, small business owners, and big brands can learn strategic insights about content storytelling, copywriting, and overall content management. This blog also shares posts on overall digital transformation, marketing research, and brand content marketing.


Copyblogger comes with an arsenal of posts useful to any seasoned marketers or budding content creators. It teaches valuable information about smart copywriting, effective blogging, and even real-world tips on how to overcome writer’s block.

Curata Blog

Curata, one of the best content marketing software companies, empowers any content marketer to scale with its data-driven company blog.

This blog is recommended for any marketer who also wants to learn more about budgeting time, manpower, and money for content projects. Curata shares best practice posts across all facets of content marketing—strategy, execution, promotion, distribution, and analytics.

Best Marketing Blogs for Social Media

Social Media Today

An online community and resource for marketing professionals and marketers, Social Media Today has thought-provoking and well-thought-out blog content. This blog delivers a new article of top stories, innovative best practices, and a list of the latest trends in the industry.

Social Media Examiner

One of the best blogs with the largest social media marketing resources today, Social Media Examiner creates posts, original research, how-to advice, and top experts articles. Social Media Examiner blog helps marketers navigate how to generate buzz, connect with their target customers, and execute conversion rate optimization.

Buffer Blog

Buffer is a best-in-class social media management platform that also has a dedicated social media marketing blog—curating authentic ways to reach and connect more people on social.

The blog covers a wide range of quality content about marketing trends, digital marketing strategies, content creation, and analytics from some of the most engaging brands.

Post to start reading now:

Socialbakers Blog

A well-known social media platform, Socialbakers provides marketing tips and marketing trends for its thousands of enterprise brands and small & medium-sized businesses. From this blog, you’ll discover in-depth content about social listening, influencer marketing, customer analytics, and more.

Socialnomics Blog

Socialnomics is a blog that spawned from Erik Qualman’s #1 best-selling book of the same title. The blog focuses on how businesses can drive meaningful engagements, activities, and results from Facebook, Instagram, LinkedIn, Twitter, YouTube, Snapchat, and more.

Best Marketing Blogs for Email

Email on Acid Blog

Even with its edgy name, Email on Acid is one of the best business agencies in email preparation. It offers helpful and quality content about email marketing, email development, email subscription, spam testing, and email analytics to help developers, marketers, and businesses achieve email efficiencies and improve marketing profitability.

Mailchimp Blog

Mailchimp, an email marketing software and marketing automation service, has a proprietary blog that helps business owners and marketers engage with their customers.

The blog covers email best practices, step-by-step guides, video tutorials, and a list of case studies in the email marketing industry.

Sender Blog

Sender is a specialized email marketing platform catering to small and medium businesses. To help their clients, they created one of the best-in-class blogs that provide strategies on email content creation, online marketing, and lead generation. They also give tips on digital marketing and SMS marketing best for any marketer.

Campaign Monitor Blog

Trusted by more than 250,000 customers worldwide, Campaign Monitor is also another leading email marketing software company.

To educate their clients, they created one of the most well-known digital and email marketing blogs for free resources on email automation and digital marketing topics. They also have an email subscription feature to get the latest marketing tips, tactics, and news.

Email Uplers Blog

Previously known as EmailMonks, Email Uplers is a full-service email marketing agency for all email design and coding requirements as well as end-to-end email campaign management. Their email marketing blog covers best practices for effective email marketing, design trends, and email inspirations.

Best Marketing Blogs for SEO


Backlinko is one of the well-known SEO blogs and training companies founded by Brian Dean, called an “SEO genius” by Entrepreneur.com. This blog provides actionable posts like search engine optimization tips, case studies, and link-building strategies.

The Moz Blog

Rand Fishkin and co-founder Gillian Muessig established Moz, previously called SEOmoz, in 2004. They consequently started The Moz Blog with the goal to create an online community where some of the world’s SEO experts can share their research and ideas about search engine optimization.

Search Engine Journal

Search Engine Journal is another community-based SEO blog to help educate and empower SEO practitioners and marketers. This blog covers posts on the latest best practices, best-in-industry SEO guides, and actionable tips from independent and in-house digital marketing experts.


CognitiveSEO is best known as an SEO tool but also has an equally popular blog that provides straightforward and easy-to-digest SEO techniques. This blog consists of posts on keyword tracking, competitor link analysis, link building, landing pages personalization, and more.

Search Engine Land

Another must-read blog for marketers, Search Engine Land discusses a wide-range list of search engine optimization posts. The blog offers daily coverage posts of SEO industry trends, breaking news, practical tips, and even digital marketing disciplines.

Best Marketing Blogs for General Marketing

Duct Tape Marketing

A marketing agency focusing on small and medium businesses, the Duct Tape Marketing blog is an excellent resource for simple yet effective marketing strategies.

This blog teaches an all-encompassing view of marketing—customer journey, mobile marketing, CRM, video marketing, email marketing, SEO, paid search, social media, advertising, content marketing, and some traditional marketing posts.


With more than 10 million readers reached every month, Business.com is a resource destination for business owners looking for guides and posts about marketing, advertising, and business, in general. From this blog, you’ll read posts and articles like brand-building strategies, content management, pay-per-click campaigns, lead generation, and inbound marketing.

Seth’s Blog

Seth Godin, an American best-selling author, businessman, and marketer shares his insights and advice on his daily marketing blog, Seth’s Blog.

His posts in the blog are distinctive, motivational with a unique character—discussing his experiences and real-life take on effective marketing strategy, SEO, online marketing, and overall business operations.


The MarTech blog is a community of marketing technologists and most renowned marketers who contribute content and share their experiences. It has since become one of the most popular blogs with posts on how technology enables every aspect of marketing.

MarTech’s content is organized into six topics in the blog post: transformation, data, operations, experience, performance, and business management.

Marketing Insider Group Blog

Marketing Insider Group blog was founded by Michael Brenner, one of Forbes’ Top CMO Influencers of 2017. The blog provides quality content articles like SEO ideas, lead generation strategies, conversion optimization, content curation, social media marketing, branding, and data analytics. It also gives focus on overall marketing from a B2B point of view in this blog.