Smart Ways To Start Investing With As Little As Rs.1,000

There is a very simple and smart way to wealth creation. Start investing early but regularly with a discipline of a soldier. Even a small amount of say Rs. 1000/- per month can throw up surprising results. Now, one may scoff at the investment earning ability of what one can consider lunch money for two, but but this very same amount invested regularly for 240 months – totaling Rs. 2,40,000 can comfortably deliver an amount of Rs. 10,00,000/- or nearly 4X the principal at the end . Now stick to the same discipline for another 10 years and the amount of Rs. 3,60,000 delivers Rs. 30,00,000/- or nearly 8X the invested principal. Slow and steady wins the race, haven’t we all learned that at school? The second rule to getting rich is to pace yourself. To get you to where you want financially over a 30 year (work life) period, construct a long term investment plan with a series of 5 year goals, stepping up your investment amounts upon achieving each of the goals. After all, a very average person’s earning capacity normally doubles every 5 years. The financial calculators at Abchlor’s online site – has all the tools you need to help you calculate your interim and future goals. Investing online is easy, even for a beginner. We are always there to handhold you through your baby steps on your path to getting rich.