What To Expect After You Get Arrested

The party was raucous, and you were having the time of your life until the police showed up. You don’t know what happened to cause the officer to go into the pool, and you are sure you didn’t trip her when she was running after your friend yelling, “Stop,” but once she went into the water, everything appeared to escalate. The second wave of officers locked the whole area down, and all of you were arrested, though you aren’t sure what you were arrested for. Here is what you can expect to happen next.

1. Custody

After being detained, you will probably be handcuffed and taken into custody, stuffed into the backseat of a police car, and taken to a police station or the local jail. Sometimes the officers may ask questions before transporting any individuals from the party so they an establish the event timeline and who you are.

2. Booking

Smudged fingerprints, a terrible photograph, and a never-ending list of questions come next after someone reads you your rights. You should take them up on the offer you have to remain silent and keep your thoughts to yourself, no matter what you are thinking.

3. Interrogation

Next, you may be taken into an area where an officer begins asking you what feels like is a million questions. Just keep saying you want a lawyer until they take you back to your cell.

4. Arraignment

You get to meet a judge during the arraignment. You may also hear what you are being arrested for and find out what your bail amount is so you can contact bail bonds West Chester PA and get released.

Once bail is paid, and you are back home, give your friends a call and make sure they are all okay. Do yourself a favor and stay home for a few days. In other words, don’t attend another wild party until the first legal case is settled.